Your inoculation against the mundane
About Us

As a long time Table Top RPG gamer, I have seen the way that playing games brings people closer through not only smiles and laughter, but also through overcoming obstacles and hardships. Gathering together in the social environment that tabletop games create, one shakes and rolls the dice, hears that rattle, then there is a moment of breath holding anticipation as you await the outcome. It is both terrifying and exhilarating. The game, the outcome, the plot, combat and drama all help you escape your personal reality as it captures your imagination and refills your soul with fun and laughter.

We record these moments of adventure and escape, as a way to not only re-live the experience ourselves, but to share them with the world as an actual play. We hope they can bring you a smile, some laughter, and help you escape your mundane or problem filled world for a moment or two.